Review and Swatches of OPI Designer Series Charcoal

Today I’m reviewing and live swatching OPI Designer Series Charcoal polish on my YouTube channel.

I found this polish for super cheap at Ross paired with a diamond top coat. I was skeptical, but as someone who loves multichromes and duochromes, I decided to check this out.

In the bottle this polish looks like it should shift from green to purple. While putting the polish on, it looks like a green and purple micro glitter.

In certain lights, like above, the polish has a purple tint. In others, a gray.

The polish itself dries with a matte finish. Mine was paired with a diamond top coat, that looks like a regular top coat when you put it on. I couldn’t tell any difference.

I did find that this polish takes FOREVER to dry, which was odd since it’s on the thinner side. I haven’t previously had a bottle of OPI polish that had problems drying like this one. So it might have just been a weird bottle.

Overall, this polish just wasn’t for me. So I think it will go in a giveaway soon! If you’d like to try out this polish, you can find it on Amazon here.

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