Ravenclaw Nails

Today I put up a video of Ravenclaw nails. You can watch the video here!

Products I used:
Polishes –
Picture Polish Alice
A England Natasha’s Dance War and Peace
Fair Maiden Si & Am

Stamping polishes –
Hit the bottle peacock shimmer
BMC Indikon
BMC Astronomical
Born Pretty light blue
Emily de Molly silver holo stamping polish
Black Stamping Polish

Stamp plates-
Clear Jelly Stamper Feathers
Hehe Harry Potter Plates
Clear Jelly Stamper CJS 45
Finger Angel A002
MoYou London Greek Mythology 06
MoYou London Literature Collection 06

Other items –
Gel Pens
Clear Stamper
Paint Brushes
Top Coat
Liquid Latex
Makeup Sponge

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