OPI Pop Culture Swatches

Today I swatched the OPI Pop Culture Collection. To hear my full review on these colors and watch me swatch them, click here.

If you aren’t familiar with the OPI Pop Culture Collection, a lot of these colors are similar to other OPI release before — the difference however, is the texture. These polishes are incredibly textured. If you do not use a top coat, the texture is incredibly obvious. If you don’t want your nails to be textured, you can use a thick top coat to dull the texture, as I’ve shown in the swatches below.

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OPI Pops! (Red)

This is the first color in the collection, a bright red with a little bit of shimmer.

It’s shown here with the texture, no top coat. This is two coats of polish over a white base coat.

Here is a macro of the polish with the texture.

And a macro with glossy top coat.

Pink Bubbly

In these pictures the pink looks MUCH more textured than the other polishes.

But I didn’t notice this much of a difference when it was on my nails.

Here it is with a top coat.

And a macro with the top coat.

Hate to Burst Your Bubble (Yellow)

This is a really nice Cher-Clueless yellow. I love the shade. In the pictures the texture really doesn’t show up.

But I promise the texture is there.

Pop Star (Purple)

Though I wasn’t a huge fan of any of these polishes, I HATE this purple one. It was really streaky and difficult to work with. If there’s any worth skipping in the bunch, it’s this one.

Overall it was just too thin and streaky. It was difficult to work with.

Days of Pop (Blue)

I was expecting a lot out of this color, because I’m such a huge fan of many of the other OPI blues. But I HATED this polish. It’s streaky, it doesn’t apply well, the formula is too thin. It looks great in the pictures and in the bottle, but applying it made me dislike it.

I do feel like this polish had far less texture than the other polishes did.

Bumpy Road Ahead (Metallic Blue)

I think this blue looks amazing in the pictures. It looked pretty good on, though I’m not a huge fan of metallic blue polishes, I did like this one.

If this polish didn’t have texture, I could see myself wearing it.

This one you might be able to get away with not using a white base coat, I did not try that though, but it seems thick enough.

The texture on it does make it look a bit like an ocean.

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