Masura- Pillars of Creation – Magnetic Green Polish Swatches and Review

I LOVE magnetic polish, it’s quickly becoming a new obsession of mine. However, most of the nail polish I have that’s magnetic is gel — and I’m not a huge fan of gel polishes. Gel polishes just do not get along with my body chemistry and peel off. I’ve tried a couple magnetic regular nail polishes, and I haven’t been a fan of them — that is, until now. I picked up a bottle of Masura’s Pillars of Creation.

I wasn’t sure how this would apply, and based on my experience with other non-gel magnetic polishes, I was really unsure how well it would — uh — magnet? The others I have don’t seem to shift dramatically with the magnet like their gel counterparts do. With the Masura polish, that was not an issue at all.

This polish applied like a dream, and HOLY CRAP is it gorgeous. Just look at that color! Granted, I may be a little biased toward green nail polishes. But this one really blows me away. I’ve got Masura on my list for my next polish haul in April.

The “tiger eye” effect shifts, and is pretty dramatic with this color. It didn’t give me a stripe like I had expected (though that might be my crappy magnet) but I like the effect I got with the larger ‘eye’.

For my fellow Slytherins, this polish makes a great base for Slytherin nails! I did some snake nails with this mani below!

Overall — I adore this polish. I wasn’t expect much from it, honestly, because of my previous experience with non-gel magnetic polish — but this one is FABULOUS. If you’re looking for a fantastic magnetic polish, I suggest you pick this up!

Want to buy it? You can buy it here.

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