KBShimmer – High-Rise to the Occasion Swatches and Review

I’ve been wanting to try KBshimmer polishes for a while, and had some on my Amazon Wishlist for my birthday. My husband picked me up a bottle of High-Rise to the occasion, and I have to say, I AM IN LOVE (with the polish — and him lol).

The base of this polish is a creamy gray with a little bit of a blue shimmer (though it’s hard to see that outside of the bottle). I would categorize this polish as a crelly with rainbow multichrome flakies.

From the main shot on Amazon, I thought this bottle was just gray with flecks of dark gray/black. So when I found this was a crellie flakie polish, I was SUPER stoked — as I have been obsessed with them lately.

This polish went on smoothly in two coats. And unlike some flakie polishes, I did not need to use the sponge method — this went on smooth from the bottle.

There’s a good distribution of small and large flakies, which gives this polish a great effect.

Overall I absolutely LOVE this polish and cannot wait to try more KBShimmer polishes in the future! You can grab your own bottle from Amazon here.

And here’s the polish with some nail art on it!

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